Action lines

GREIB activities are organized in 5 action lines:

  • Section 1. Excellence on Bio-health

Section 1 of GREIB focuses on the promotion of excelence in Bio-Health research by enhancing investigative efforts directed to expanding the existing scope of research at UGR. This expansion is aimed at different directions, including bench to bedside projects, start-up projects for young researchers, and international collaborative projects, both at an early stage and within the 7PM. These initiatives are designed to fill the gaps left by current funding opportunities and to foster ambitious investigative efforts

  • Section 2. Emerging, multidisciplinary and strategic opportunities

Section 2 of GREIB is directed to taking advantage of existing strategic opportunities for the optimal growth and development of the research carried out by Bio-Health groups at UGR. Knowledge exchange among excellent researchers is considered the basis for a leap forward in this field, and it is fostered via two actions. First, support for incoming excellent researchers to perform collaborative research with local groups. Second, support for outgoing postdoctoral investigators to do research in excellent centers abroad. A third action is directed to the promotion and dissemination of omic technologies, which are both pivotal to Bio-Health research and in continuous development.

  • Section 3. Excellence in education of Bio-Health

Section 3 of GREIB features an essential aspect of Bio-Health research, namely excellence in education and training, which is focused here on doctoral/master students. The emphasis is on diversification and sharing of knowledge by way of the participation of multiple agents associated with UGR within the Campus of Excellence framework.

  • Section 4. Innovation and transfer of Bio-Health

Section 4 of GREIB is directed to the promotion of innovation in Bio-Health, conceived as the desired output of the biomedical research carried out by investigators of the UGR to industry and society at large. This requires an active approach by researchers as well as an optimized procedure by UGR, channeled through OTRI. The actions featured in this section will try to enhance all of these elements.

  • Section 5. Divulgation, internationalization and visualization of Bio-Health

Section 5 of GREIB aims to increase the recognition and visibility of high quality research on Bio-Health through yearly awards given to researchers of UGR or associated institutions who excel in this field. The focus will be on two specific areas, namely internationalization and translational research, which are considered strategic for the scientific growth of biomedical research in our area. In addition, this section features a support action for organizing seminars of international scope which enhance interaction with other biomedical scientists from excellent centers. These seminars are intended to have continuity, in order to extend and optimize their impact.

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