“Granada Research of Excellence Initiative on BioHealth” (GREIB) is a proyect approved in the initial phase of the call for the programme Campus de Excelencia Internacional (Campus of International Excellence), within the subprogram I+D+I y Transferencia (RDI and Transfer) established by under ministerial order No. PRE/1996/2009 and published in the Spanish-government record BOE No. 20-17-2009. GREIB is a strategic project of Biohealth research and different strategies are approached in this project to improve the whole I+D+I activity of this scientific field.

The main reason for promoting GREIB is that it has been noticed the need of joining efficiently Campus experts from different fields — business development, medical care, research and teaching— to obtain the business, research and teaching excellence that will bring investment and venture capital to the Campus.

The new conditions of Campus on Bio-Health and its area of representation will make possible the development of specific activities focused on Bio-technology and Health Sciences —Nutrition and Food Sciences, Genomics, Pharmacogenomics and New Drugs, Immunology, Cancer, Regenerative Medicine, Clinical Psychology, and Public Health. The expected benefits will be product of the initiative of business and institutions to develop these types of projects and then enhance a necessary enterprising culture. As a result, the knowledge generated by these experts will become an appeal to investors and venture capital companies.

The different activities are managed within 5 strategic action lines (explained above) which are call for proposals put out to tender.