Incentivos para participar en el 7FP


The Granada Research of Excellence Initiative on BioHealth (GREIB) is a new created high-competitive project of the University of Granada (UGR) funded by the Campus of International Excellence of the Ministry of Science and Innovation (Class B, R+D+I – Top Research Areas).

GREIB main objective is to create a BioHealth framework in the city of Granada leading ultimately to the promotion of the UGR as an international reference in the BioHealth field. GREIB strategic plan features as a top priority the incorporation of all concerned stakeholders, comprising both public and private players, within the Granada area. The program supports the participation of BioHealth researcher groups in collaborative project proposals featured in the 7 Framework Programme of the European Union.

Program specifications

  • The aim of GREIB-7FP is to promote the internationalization of research and demonstration activities of the GREIB research groups by incentivation of researchers in the BioHealth groups to participate in collaborative project proposals featured in the 7 Framework Programme of the European Union.
  • Those researchers that have presented a collaborative project as principal investigators (as partners or coordinators) in 2010 that is eligible for funding but does not finally get selected are entitled to apply.
  • Applicants must present a short description of the project to be carried out. This should be focused on enhancing the chance of success in future occasions.
  • The research projects will have duration of up to 12 months and a budget of 12000 euro per project.
  • The applications will be evaluated by the GREIB steering committee.
  • There is no fixed deadline, but funding is limited by available resources at any time point.

Applicant requirements

All applicants must:

  • Belong to one of the BioHealth research groups of the UGR.
  • Not have obtained funding in collaborative projects of the 7PM or previous editions, personally or within the same group. Exceptions may be made to the latter if the groups are clearly distinct.
  • Write a four pages (maximum length) proposal about the research project to be carried out.
  • The applicants must fulfill the application form and send it with the required documentation, as indicated below.

Selection Criteria

  • Review report of the 7PM proposal (which must be above threshold)
  • Scientific quality and potential impact of the proposed project.

In case of support

Applicants who get support have to:

  • Acknowledge financial support by GREIB (CEB-005) in the publications derived from the work done within this GREIB-7FP initiative.
  • Write a short report regarding the work done within this start-up project in a period no longer than 1 month after finishing it. The report should explicitly indicate potential publications or scientific impact related with the project.
  • Justify all expenses in the project as appropriate.