The Granada Research of Excellence Initiative on BioHealth (GREIB) is a new created high-competitive project of the University of Granada (UGR) funded by the Campus of International Excellence of the Ministry of Science and Innovation (Class B, R+D+I – Top Research Areas).

GREIB main objective is to create a BioHealth framework in the city of Granada leading ultimately to the promotion of the UGR as an internaitonal reference in the BioHealth field. GREIB strategic plan features as a top priority the incorporation of all concerned stakeholders, comprising both public and private players, within the Granada area. The program supports omic workshops organized by at least two researchers of different BioHealth groups. The focus of the scheme is on meetings aiming to open up new directions in research or to explore emerging research fields with potential impact on different BioHealth researchers.

Program specifications

  • The aim of GREIB-OW is to encourage the collaboration between different BioHealth groups by bringing together researchers from different scientific areas in a common workshop.
  • The proposed workshops will explore new directions in research or emerging research fields with potential impact on different BioHealth groups.
  • The topics must be interdisciplinary and promote the transfer of knowledge between the BioHealth groups.
  • The workshops will be held between September 1 and December 31, 2011.
  • The award will be up to a maximum value of 10000 € per workshop.
  • In 2010 the deadline for applications is November 30. For the next year, a new call will be published
  • The applications will be evaluated by the GREIB Steering Committee.

Applicant requirements

All applications must:

  • Belong to one of the BioHealth research groups of the UGR and of aggregated institutions (public and/or private) that apply in coordination with researchers of the UGR.
  • Include a proposal that should be precise in terms of scientific objectives, organization and budget, and should clearly describe the activities to be financed by the workshop award.
  • Include a provisional program, including the list of invited speakers, starting and finishing times of the meeting.
  • Feature a short report about the interdisciplinary character of the scientific topics, with the list of BioHealth research groups that support the proposal, and including a justification of the expected impact and potential transfer of scientific knowledge among them.
  • Include CV of the BioHealth researchers organizing the activity.
  • Include CV and an acceptance letter of the invited speakers.

Selection criteria

  • Suitability of the principal applicants to convene the workshop (their Curriculum Vitae, including their list of publications and/or knowledge transfer).
  • Scientific quality of the proposed workshop, and specially of its potential transfer of knowledge and interdisciplinary character.
  • Benefits for different BioHealth research groups.
  • Potential for initiating follow-up research activities and/or developing future collaborative actions within the frame of BioHealth.
  • Short CV of the invited speakers.

In case of support

  • The workshop must take place in Granada between September 1 and December 31, 2011.
  • The meeting should be clearly identified as a GREIB event, in particular by including the GREIB logo and announcing the meeting as a “GREIB Workshop on: ...” in any advertisements, posters, websites, abstracts, proceedings, etc. Additional support from other organizations should also be acknowledged.
  • A concise report of the scientific output of the workshop, as well as a financial report on workshop expenditure must be submitted within one month after the event.