Ayudas Postdoctorales

Se pone en conocimiento de los solicitantes y beneficiarios de este programa que existió un error material en la traducción al inglés de la convocatoria. Los datos de las retribuciones totales (32200 euros) incluyen el coste de la cuota patronal a la Seguridad Social, lo que ha podido inducir a confusión a algún solicitante respecto a las cantidades brutas a percibir mensualmente.


The Granada Research of Excellence Initiative on BioHealth (GREIB) is a new created high-competitive project of the University of Granada (UGR) funded by the Campus of International Excellence of the Ministry of Science and Innovation (Class B, R+D+I – Top Research Areas).

GREIB main objective is to create a BioHealth framework in the city of Granada leading ultimately to the promotion of the UGR as an international reference in the BioHealth field. GREIB strategic plan features as a top priority the incorporation of all concerned stakeholders, comprising both public and private players, within the Granada area. The program supports young talented post-doctoral researchers at an early stage of their career to create new collaborations with researchers of international prestigious institutions, strengthening the international cooperation of BioHealth researchers.

Program specifications

  • The aim of GREIB-EPD is to improve the training of young researchers integrated in BioHealth groups at UGR by funding stays in research centers of international prestige (preferably in other countries). As a rule, these stays must be aimed at fostering long term collaboration between groups.
  • The maximum duration of the contract will be 24 months, of which 12 will be spent in one or several research centers other than the home institution.
  • The applications will be evaluated by the GREIB Steering Committee.

Applicant requirements

  • PhD awarded by the University of Granada later than October 1, 2007.
  • Current or former recipient of a fellowship of the Formación del Personal Investigador or equivalent (i.e. FPU and FPI fellowships by the Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología, PIF and FPDI fellowships of the Junta de Andalucía, or otherwise homologated by UGR). The fellowship must have been developed at UGR.
  • The applicants must have done a research stay of at least 3 months in a foreign research center.
  • The contract will start immediately to the decision of the grant, although the incorporation to foreign institution can be made later

Requeriments of the grant director

  • A permanent professor of UGR belonging to a BioHealth research group must be responsible for the contract/grant. Only one contract per professor will be allowed.
  • The grant director must certify that he/she has sufficient funds to support the proposed research locally.

Application forms:

The documentation to be included in the application form is:

  • A Curriculum Vitae of the applicant
  • A summary of the research project to be carried out, of 3000 words maximum, which must specify the parts to be developed locally and abroad.
  • Letter of acceptance of the recipient groups/institutions abroad, which must specify the researcher responsible for the project.
  • Justification, by the grant director, of the interest of the participation of the applicant in his/her research group, as well as to the benefits obtained through the international collaboration proposed.
  • PhD Degree or certified copy.
  • Proof of fellowships awarded.

Selection Criteria

  1. Curriculum Vitae of the applicant. In particular, the PhD grades, postdoctoral contracts, publications and patents.
  2. Scientific-technical excellence of the project, particularly in terms of expected results, novelty and relevance of objectives, and the adequacy of methodology and workplan proposed.
  3. Scientific excellence of the foreign center/group and relationship of the research field with that of the local group.

In case of support

Applicants who get support must:

  • Send a short report regarding the work done during the contract within a period no longer than a month after it. In this report they should explicitly mention (potential) publications and synergic activities facilitated by their stay in the international research center.
  • Acknowledge financial support by GREIB (CEB-005) in the publications derived from the work done at GREIB.